Git: what am I about to push?

03 Dec 2010

Local commits to be pushed

Within our (small) team we’ve taken up the good habit of letting everyone know when we push… but I’m never good at remembering what I’m about to push. Luckily, the documentation pointed us to the following commands - they give a pretty list of all the local commits that haven't made it to the origin yet.

git fetch && git log origin/master..

Will output something like:

commit 654b4e698f7a5648dfb1
Author: Romain <>
Date:   Wed Nov 10 16:48:02 2010 +1100
   [Story 168]
   - fixed fizzbuzz loop
   - more ui prettiness

commit 987e545d61b98ca4689a
Author: Romain <>
Date:   Wed Nov 10 13:23:47 2010 +1100
   [Story 171]
   - refactored the fragglepop module

Nothing revolutionary, but it's simple and efficient… and it also supports the --stat argument to show the list of files associated with each commit.